For more than 40 years the owners of a small property in Larciano have been harvesting and processing their olives to produce excellent olive oil. We believe that this oil of outstanding quality and taste should be shared and made available to everyone. To increase the transparency of our supply chain we would like to share with you everything that we know about this extraordinary olive oil.

We present to you: OL – extra virgin olive oil.




OL – comprising Frantoio, Lecchino, Moraiola and Arancino olives – is produced in a in the Montalbano region of Tuscany. The traditional way of growing, processing and harvesting the olives from a small 4 hectar grove culminates in the exceptional, intense and natural taste. Notes of green and fresh fruit reminiscent of freshly cut grass and herbs as wells as the slightly bitter and distinct hot, peppery note contribute to OL’s well rounded and delicate taste.