Outstanding Extra Virgin olive oil,
Larciano, Italy


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OL – comprising Frantoio, Lecchino, Moraiola and Arancino olives – is produced in a in the Montalbano region of Tuscany. The traditional way of growing, processing and harvesting the olives from a small 4 hectar grove culminates in the exceptional, intense and natural taste. Notes of green and fresh fruit reminiscent of freshly cut grass and herbs as wells as the slightly bitter and distinct hot, peppery note contribute to OL’s well rounded and delicate taste.

The olives are harvested by experienced farmers at the end of October when they have not fully ripened yet. However, they unfold their distinct fruity aroma while at the same time increasing their polyphenol levels. Polyphenol is an antioxidant responsible for the health benefits associated with olive oil. The olive oil is cold pressed, meaning that its temperature during processing does not exceed 21°C. The oil is produced and filtered on the same day of the harvest at nearby Balduccio oil mill.

In our opinion current EU-regulations are not a benchmark for quality because the standards are not high enough to confirm the quality of truly good extra virgin olive oil. Besides the quality of the olives themselves, the complex extraction process of the olive mill Balduccio and their use of high tech machinery guarantees and safeguards our commitment to excellence and quality. Our aim is to use excellent ingredients to produce and make available one of the world’s best olive oils while at the same time establishing a completely transparent supply chain for our customers. To get a better understanding of the production process and of important quality characteristics of the olive oil, please refer to this page.