Production Movie 2018

Our olive grove is located on a hill with little shade, thus exposing each tree to a high level of sunlight. Benefitting from nutrient-rich soil, regular rainfall and the care of experienced farmer Stefano, our olives grow in perfect conditions preparing them for the harvest in October.

At the end of October the olives are hand-picked and continuously transported to the oil mill. One tree holds olives for the extraction of up to two litres of oil depending on weather conditions and the extraction process.

After the quality inspection at the mill the extraction process starts. First the olives are disbranched and washed. Then they are shredded and the resulting olive puree is transported to a heat exchanger which chills the puree to 27 degrees celsius. The temperature is of vital importance for the extraction process and the exceptional quality of our OL. Therefore, the temperature is constantly monitored throughout the whole extraction process. After passing the heat exchanger the olive puree is transported to vertical knead barrels that are protected from oxygen contact. The puree is prepared for 10 minutes before it is pumped into the decanter where the oil finally is separated from the rest of the olive. The resulting olive oil has to be tasted throughout the process in order to ensure the very best quality.

Later on the untreated olive oil is filtered to maintain high quality for a long time period. Before the olive oil is bottled it is stored in stainless steel tanks protected from contact with oxygen.

The olive oil is bottled into our signature dark glass bottles. A sample is sent to a laboratory for analysis. The bottles are then packed and sent to our storage facility. From there we personally take care that every bottle is being packed and shipped to our dear costumers. Support us and our effort to promote transparency in food supply chains by ordering OL now.